Oracle APEX 4.1 Android Üzerinde Kullanımı

Going mobile is one of the hot topics at the moment. Everyone has a smartphone with internet connection and a browser. Some prefer brand A against brand B, but that’s just a personal preference. It doesn’t really change a thing.

You want to join the crowd and provide a mobile interface for your APEX Application? Nothing easier than that!

As pointed out above the variety of mobile phone brands and Operation Systems is wide and our APEX Application should run on any device, regardless if there is a fruit on the back cover or something else (a robot?).

Oracle APEX lets you create a web application and you can influence the HTML Code it creates. That also means you can include a 3rd Party Javascript Library to provide support for mobile devices.


After several tests i decided to use jQuery mobile, as it fits the APEX structure best, covers the broadest range of mobile devices and will also be included in APEX 4.1 (or 4.2, whenever they are ready for mobile). See theStatement of direction for more Information.

See what it looks like:


Here you can see it in a demo Showcase:

The good thing is, everything you see is built using standard APEX components. There is at first a Theme with a small number of Templates to create a HTML Structure that jQuery mobile expects. Then there are a couple of Plugins to render HTML5 compliant input items (the type-attribut of the input item makes the mobile browser decide which onscreen keyboard should be used: number, test, phone, email, url).
In the pictures above you can see a standard login screen, a List for the main menu, a report with a special template and a standard form using the HTML5 Plugin for the phone keyboard.